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Launched 2022, a new Hong Kong brand of healthy and slimming food


The founder of the Louiscocoa has been in business for many years and has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of health and medical care. Seeing that the demand for slimming products in the market is increasing day by day while the quality, taste and price of various slimming products available on the market vary, the founder of Louiscocoa therefore organized a professional R&D team to launch a brand of healthy and slimming food - Louiscocoa.


Louiscocoa aims to provide the market with healthy, delicious and affordable healthy slimming food, emphasizing “healthy slimming”, “weight-loss without starvation”, and “enjoyable weight-losing process and experience”.


After some research and development, the brand Louiscocoa was launched in early 2022. The first series of products – “Louiscocoa meal replacement shake” with the theme of cocoa and superfood has been launched with a total of 5 flavors of cocoa instant nutritional meal replacement shakes, including 2 world-first meal replacement shake with alcohol:

● Dark Cocoa Deluxe Instant Meal Replacement Shake

● Mint Cocoa Mix Instant Meal Replacement Shake

● Mochaccino Instant Meal Replacement Milkshake

● Irish Cream Flavored Cocoa Instant Meal Replacement Shake

● Pineapple Beer Flavored Cocoa Instant Meal Replacement Shake


Louiscocoa's professional R&Da team carefully selected high-grade cocoa powder for preparing each cocoa instant nutritional meal replacement shake. Each flavor is added with different filling nutrients, including chia seeds, psyllium husks, soybean protein, etc. Each also with specially selected superfood ingredients including avocado powder, kale powder, curcumin extract, pomegranate extract, coenzyme Q10 and others. Provide the market with the best choice for healthy and slimming meal replacement. Among all 5 flavors of the series, Irish Cream Flavored Cocoa and Pineapple Beer Flavored Cocoa are added with 0.33% and 0.34% alcohol respectively, providing the market with innovative and delicious meal replacement options, breaking the stereotyped and boring concept of meal replacement shakes.


Louiscocoa's production plant is located in Taiwan. The plant has passed ISO22000, HACCP, NSF GMP, FDA and many other international certifications to ensure product production quality and hygiene.


With specially selected healthy ingredients, with professional and reliable production plants, Louiscocoa is your best brand of choice for healthy and slimming food.

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